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                                                                                                     COVID-19 RAPID TEST KITS


Sovereign Home Health Services, the exclusive distributor of WHO, CE approved Laboratory Quality test kits, is proud to be in the forefront of Health service providers Worldwide striving to increase testing capacities by distributing Rapid test kits for the novel coronavirus.

A leading United States of America based Home Health service provider, Sovereign Health Services, collaborating and Partnering with Labs to offer Rapid test kits through Be-sure Health Services, distribute the affordable Rapid Test Kits to reputable Medical Institutions in an effort to accelerate the detection of Antibodies of the new coronavirus in 15 minutes or less with an accuracy rate of over 95 percent.

The Kits are supplied to Health care institutions and licensed Laboratories because they are not currently covered under the International Rapid home test kits program.

The tests have FDA Emergency Use Authorization and CE approvals and Certifications.

The kits are currently being used in United States, China, Japan and Europe with capacity to test thousands daily.


The tests are conducted by placing a few drops of blood (Finger Prick) and reagent onto a special membrane. The novel coronavirus is confirmed if antibodies are found in the blood stream.


Currently, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is used in combination with Rapid test kits to check for the new coronavirus in the United States, Japan, China, France, Italy, Turkey, Philippines and Belgium. Our Laboratory supplies significant amount of the Rapid test kits used in those Countries. The results of PCR tests are available after five to six hours. The results of our Rapid Test Kits are available under 15 minutes with Sensitivity of over 95%.


The Rapid test kits helps screen for exposure to the Virus thereby limiting PCR Laboratory tests to those that truly needs them. 






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