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You will find the latest information about our Products and Services here and on our Social media outlets. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone through Partnerships with relevant authorities and Medical communities. Our Rapid and Portable PCR Molecular Workstations are the latest upgrades to Laboratory COVID-19 testings by Biohit Healthcare and Sansure Technology Companies.


According to the FDA’s Office of In Vitro Diagnostic Device evaluation and Safety, in vitro diagnostic tests are often utilized to detect certain medical conditions or infections. At-home test/monitor kits provide patients with the convenience of

detecting the presence or absence of a medical condition and monitoring such conditions. While test/monitor kits are frequently utilized in physicians’ offices, health care laboratories, and other health care settings, a variety of diagnostic test kits are also designed and marketed for patients to use in the privacy of their own homes. According to the FDA, at-home testing/monitoring kits can be beneficial because they provide privacy, convenience, and expedient results and are sometimes cost-effective.

Test/monitor kits have advantages, they also have limitations that can cause serious health consequences for individuals who rely solely on the tests instead of following up with their physicians for confirmation, further evaluation, and treatment, if warranted. Patients must be reminded that these tests are designed to help identify medical conditions, but not to replace routine medical exams with health care providers. 

The FDA requires that at-home test kits perform as well as those used by health care professionals and states that following proper testing procedure is critical to obtaining accurate and reliable results. Advances in technology, such as monoclonal antibodies, have led to simpler test/monitor kits that can be safely used at home. Some tests provide rapid results right at home, while other tests require patients to provide a small test sample that has to be mailed to the manufacturer to process; then the patient is informed of the results via phone calls. Proper collection, storage, and shipment of test samples are critical steps to ensuring test accuracy. In addition, patients should be aware that test results may be affected by severe temperature changes, taking urine samples too early or too late in the day, or ingesting certain foods.

Selection of test/monitor kits may be based on the cost of the test, complexity of a testing procedure, or the ease of interpreting results. With most testing/monitoring kits, an indicator changes color, and the results can be interpreted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be-sure test is a partner you can count on to provide the most accurate and reliable Diagnostic experience. 




With 30+ at-home test kits — from COVID-19, Fertility, HIV 1&2,  Diabetes, Typhoid, Malaria, Cholesterol and Kidney tests.
Our tests offer simple sample collections, easy to administer and read. Our tests gives you the opportunity to understand your Health conditions at the privacy of your own home.
With over 95% accuracy rates, the tests have ISO13485 and Good Manufacturing Practice Certifications, which are recognized by WHO, the Food and Drug Administration and the EU Commission. Our tests will provide you with accurate results in 15 minutes or less.

At all times, if you have positive test result or have concerns about your Health situation, please visit your private or family Doctor for more detailed analysis of your medical condition. A constant follow up with a Physician is an absolute necessity. You must jealously protect your Health, you and you alone knows exactly how you feel. 


There is constant evolution and Technological advancements in Rapid Diagnostic Tests.

The new FDA-EUA COVID-19 test Kits can produce results in less than 15 minutesThe new Biohit Healthcare Rapid COVID-19 tests has FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval with very high Sensitivity and accuracy that can produce either a positive or negative result in just five minutes. This could be very useful IN extending coronavirus testing beyond its current state of availability to more places like clinics and doctor’s offices, cut down on waiting time both in terms of getting tested and receiving a results.


Be-sure Tests is here to help stem the spread of this highly infectious Virus.

$150.00 per Kit of 25 tests.